February 21, 2019

Michael Elias for East Providence City Council Ward 2


To the Editor:

Hi, I am Michael Elias and I live in Ward Two of East Providence. I am writing to you because in 2018 I plan on running for the office of Councilman of East Providence Ward Two. What I will be bringing to the table besides the experience of having lived in East Providence since the 1980s is that I have no interest in making friends at City Hall or with the rest of the Council. In 2017 at the East Providence Town Hall City Council meetings we have seen a lot of bickering and whining between the Council members. There have been instances where an elected official was unwilling to give an East Providence resident a simple yes or no answer. As tax payers the people deserve to have their questions answered and answered honestly. Plain and simple the current East Providence leadership is in need of a good house cleaning. This is why I am running for Council in 2018. Plus I got tired of waiting for the right candidate to come along so this is why I have decided to run myself. I have been listening to the people and know their needs, also I am in the same boat. Our concerns are our electricity and the nature of our electric bills.
We also have concerns with our roads due to the potholes. In the winter the issues multiply with the piles of snow in the way and the ice is also a problem. I understand for the disabled and the seniors the state of Rhode Island has a snow removal program in place. The problem is this program runs on volunteers and unfortunately there are not too many good samaritans out there willing to volunteer their time. What about if East Providence puts their own snow removal plan in motion? What about if those who shovel get paid for their work? Plus there are those who get in trouble and have to face community service. What about serving those hours helping those in need? There could be a supervisor monitoring these people and recording their time, making sure they shovel the driveway, sidewalk, front door, and side door. Repay your debt by helping others. This is just a part of my platform. I am also looking to help the graffiti problems happening in our community and feel there should be tougher laws against this crime. People need to learn to respect other people's property. This crime deserves severe punishments in order to drive that point home.

Right now I am spreading the word around about my campaign. New blood is needed in the East Providence City Council badly. There needs to be somebody in the Council who is not and will not end up being exactly like everybody else within the City Council. If I can answer any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to ask.

You may contact me at:
Michael Elias for East Providence City Council Ward 2
PO Box 14442
East Providence, RI 02914

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/East-Providence-The-City-of-Tomorrow-1777015442629342/

My e-mail is: melias111@cox.net

Thank you, and I hope to have your vote.


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