September 26, 2018

East Providence Career And Technical Center

Your Company and our Work Based Learning Program - Together creating a strong pipeline of skilled workers.


EPCTC now has a vibrant Work Based Learning Program! We believe that exposing our students to the world of work is critical to the development of a skilled workforce and a thriving economy. Statistically, students who participate in Work Based Learning opportunities are more career focused, earn better grades, and can navigate the real-world demands of work and school. Additionally, many employers benefit from our program by gaining valuable, motivated employees for entry level positions. In many instances we can even coordinate wage reimbursement through the Rhode Island DLT. Together, let’s create the next generation of skilled workers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of Work Based Learning?
Co-Op, also called Cooperative Learning is our most popular type of Work Based Learning. Co-op allows students to leave school to attend a paid position working in a field that is related to their program of study. This position is reserved for our best seniors who can complete their school work independently.

Internships are typically short term, unpaid positions where students can try out a job for a shortened period of time. After-School/weekend opportunities can be either paid or an unpaid internship. We just ask that students keep up their grades and attendance in school. Job Shadows are opportunities where a student can observe a given career under the guidance of a mentor. Job Shadows typically last 1-3 days.

What are the criteria for a student to participate in Work Based Learning?
All students must meet our strict criteria which require that the student is passing all classes, has good attendance and is free from all discipline issues. Additionally, they must have the recommendation of our director, their teachers, guidance counselors, and parents. We believe that requiring students to meet and exceed these requirements directly correlates in a positive work experience and a more motivated employee.

What hours can a student work?
Because each student's schedule is different, and every employer has different needs, your Work Based Learning Coordinator will work closely with you and the student to create a customized schedule. This schedule allows the student to fulfill all their academic and graduation requirements while also being a valuable member of your team.

I hear there is a DLT reimbursement for wages, is this true?
Yes, in many cases a RI employer CAN indeed be reimbursed through DLT via the Rhode Island Governor’s Workforce Board Immersion Program. Typically, you will be reimbursed for up to 400 hours, and can hire 10 students a year. It’s a win-win. However, GWB has very specifics rules. Therefore, please contact your Work Based Learning Coordinator. Your Work Based Learning Coordinator will let you know if you are eligible and complete any paperwork on your behalf.

What paperwork will I have to complete?
Typically, we create a Work Based Learning Agreement. This document outlines the roles and responsibilities of each party, including the student, parent, school and employer. We ask that you sign this form to represent your investment in the student's educational experience.

What about 18 + age requirements for certain tools and equipment?
The Work Based Study Program is a Work Experience and Career Exploration Programs (WECEP) and therefore allows certain exemptions. Call for more information pertaining to Child Labor Laws and the exemptions students in this program carry.

How long can I keep an unpaid intern?
Depending upon the work experience, an unpaid intern opportunity can last from several days to several weeks. We ask that, should your budget allow that you consider bringing a student onto payroll, if possible.

Who pays for insurance?
Students that are paid will be covered under the employer's workers compensation plan. However, students that are paid or unpaid are required to purchase “school time insurance” that covers any accidents. This offers our employer partners and our students additional protection should an accident occur.

I can’t participate in your Work Based Learning Program right now, but how can I help in other ways?
We welcome employers to visit our school as guest speakers. We can also take students to your business for a tour. Lastly, our students can always benefit from mock interviews with industry leaders such as yourself.

I want to participate in your Work Based Learning Program, what do I do?
Simply call Catherine Rickert, Work Based Learning Coordinator at 401-435-7815 or email to

Thank you for investing in our students!


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