July 22, 2018

Councilman Joe Botelho Leaves Dems for Moderate Party

Posted by bobrod72

Although the City of East Providence is officially a non-partisan form of government, many locally elected officials are "affiliated" with a political party. The Republican party has not been very active, nor successful, locally, while the Democrats have been very active. However the Democrats have been somewhat fractured in recent years. The four wards in the City Democratic Party don't always see eye to eye. In particular, there is a public split between long time Democratic City Chairman, John Faria and his son, Ward 4 Councilman Brian Faria. The two have been at odds and support different agendas within the party.

Although the City Council is officially non-partisan, most members are aligned with the Democratic Party. Councilman Joe Botelho released a statement explaining his recent decision to leave the Democratic Party and join the Moderate party. His statement:

"East Providence Ward 3 Councilman Joe Botelho announced his affiliation with The Moderate Party of Rhode Island. Although a Democrat for many years, Botelho indicated he made the switch after a long period of consideration, and to escape the escalation of party squabbling.

“The tensions revolving around this decades long power struggle have been making their way into council meetings, drawing attention away from important city issues.” Botelho said that there are at least three factions of the democratic party vying for control of the city, maybe more “I have a great many friends in the democratic party but I found myself continually getting caught in the crosshairs of all the infighting.”
“This change allows me to be more focused on governing and policy that aligns with what I feel most people are looking for.” Botelho went on to say that his emphasis moving forward is to ”produce tangible results for taxpayers such as improving roads, schools and other related infrastructure.”

“These are important items the taxpayers are looking for and year after year the can continually gets kicked down the road.” Botelho pointed to, for example, the recent lack of support by other members of council to place a road improvement bond before the people in lieu of handing out pay raises.

“ I look forward to moving the city forward now, and in the future with likeminded individuals here in the City, “ Botelho went on to say. “Together I know we can accomplish a lot!”

The mission of Moderate Party of Rhode Island is to recruit, support, and elect candidates that will govern by building consensus around smart, pragmatic, common-sense policies which will address the structural deficits currently plaguing Rhode Island's economic, educational, ethical and environmental systems”. To Learn more go to --- facebook.com/rimoderateparty". - Joe Botelho.


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