November 30, 2020

City Council approves ordinance, makes way for tax payment waiver


East Providence, RI – The East Providence City Council has approved a new ordinance enabling a waiver of interest on overdue quarterly tax payments.

The newly-approved ordinance, introduced by Council President Roberto Britto, makes it permanent. The ordinance enables the City’s director of finance or his or her designee, to authorize a waiver in the interest owed on one quarter’s overdue property tax payment. It also enables the remaining balance of taxes owed to be paid on a quarterly basis.

“The pandemic has brought so many financial uncertainties,” Council President Britto said. “Some of our residents are dealing with job loss and increased expenses for food and other items.

“The approval of this ordinance will not only provide residents with some relief from their financial burdens during this pandemic, but it will also provide taxpayers, who have fallen on hard times, a little leeway for years to come,” Britto added.

To be eligible, a resident must meet the following conditions:

1. The property subject to the overdue payment is the residents of the taxpayer and has been for at least five consecutive years.
2. The request for a waiver is in writing, signed and dated by the taxpayer.
3. The taxpayer has made timely payments of taxes to the city for five years immediately preceding the tax payment, which is overdue. The burden of proof of timely payments shall be upon the taxpayer.
4. The bill for which the payment is overdue was issue less than two years prior to the date of the request for a waiver of interest.

The waiver of interest shall at no time exceed $500.
The decision of the finance director or designee will be in writing and recorded with the City. If the taxpayer is denied, the taxpayer (within 10 days of the decision) may file a claim for reimbursement of the interest with the City Council.

The approval comes after Mayor Bob DaSilva introduced Executive Order 2020-042, during the pandemic, to temporarily waive certain tax payments based on specific conditions. This ordinance makes specific details of the executive order permanent.

For more information, please contact the Mayor’s Office at 401-435-7500.


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