October 25, 2021

East Providence to host fall 2020-2040 Comprehensive Plan workshops


East Providence, RI – Mayor Bob DaSilva is excited to announce another opportunity for residents to talk about the City’s future. The City of East Providence will be hosting a series of events in September and October as part of its Comprehensive Plan update process.

The Comprehensive Plan is a blueprint for the City’s future. This important document is used by local officials and city department to guide decisions that can help and support residents and local businesses.

The Comprehensive Plan covers a wide range of issues that impact our quality of life, including our neighborhoods, where we shop, parks and playgrounds, public services, historic sites and buildings, local employers, and even how we get around the city. The Plan talks about where we are as a community, where we want to be in the next 10 to 20 years, and how we are going to get there. Therefore, ensuring all residents have a say in the plan is vital to the success of the planning process.

As a follow-up to the four Ward meetings in April and community survey, a series of workshops will dig deeper into issues that shape the quality of life in the City. Attendees will be able to talk with neighbors about specific challenges that East Providence may face in the next 10 to 20 years, and how to use its strengths to overcome barriers to meet those challenges.

“These workshops will be topic-specific, so residents may have meaningful discussions about important issues,” Mayor DaSilva said. “We have received input through the four Ward meetings in April and the community survey.

“These community workshops will give us the opportunity to discuss how we can address the needs of our community and prepare for the future.”
The following workshops will be held at the East Providence Senior Center, 610 Waterman Ave., from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.:

Tuesday, September 28: Housing, Equity, and Public Health
Thursday, Sept. 30: Historic and Cultural Resources and City Services
Tuesday, Oct. 5: Economic Development, Waterfront, and Transportation
Thursday, Oct. 7: Recreation and Open Space, Natural Resources, & Climate Change

During each workshop, attendees can expect a short presentation on the status of the Comprehensive Plan process and an overview of data and trends. Small groups will confirm the issues, needs, and aspirations voiced to date and discuss how to move the City forward by setting clear goals, objectives, and strategies for the Comprehensive Plan.

Director of Planning and Economic Development William Fazioli, continues to stress the importance of public participation throughout the update process.
“Ideas generated at the workshops will help the Comprehensive Plan become a document that has real actions with public support,” Fazioli said.

Residents can learn about the Comprehensive Plan and why it is important on the City’s website, https://eastprovidenceri.gov/community.  They are encouraged to visit often to find the latest information on the update process and how to share their ideas.

For more information please contact: Director of Planning and Economic Development William Fazioli at wfazioli@eastprovidenceri.gov


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