June 20, 2024

Color Tips to Make Your Home Exterior Pop


(StatePoint) Home exteriors make a first impression, setting the tone for neighbors, guests, and if a property is on the market --prospective home buyers. So how do you boost your curb appeal and make your exterior pop? According to those in the know, a lot of it has to do with color.

“Choosing deep, bold colors for your door or siding can provide eye-catching focal points and dramatically increase curb appeal,” says Jon Lapp, vinyl siding product manager at ProVia.

To help you make selections that work best for your home and vision, ProVia is offering the following insights:

Color and texture play significant roles in the overall look and style of a home, so consider pairing your vinyl siding with other materials, such as manufactured stone, decorative shake, or board and batten. Whether you go for soft earth tones or deep hues of primary colors, color retention technologies will maintain the look through the years. To that end, here are a few qualities to look for in your siding:

• UV protection: Think of it as sunscreen for your house. This layer of protection helps shield your siding from the destructive effects of the sun’s UV rays.

• Weather barrier shield: Anti-weathering materials on the siding’s surface can help ensure long-lasting color fidelity and low-maintenance freedom for your home’s exterior.

• Heat resistance: Heat-resistant inorganic pigments ensure exacting deep colors, reflect heat from exterior walls, and deflect solar rays to reduce solar heat build-up and unsightly weathering.

• Anti-fade protection: A strong molecular chain, found in super polymer vinyl siding, is engineered for superior color retention.

“At first, it might be difficult to tell the difference between a good vinyl siding panel and an outstanding one. But over time, the true strength and quality of each panel will be revealed,” says Lapp.

It’s for this reason that ProVia’s entire lineup of super polymer vinyl siding is formulated with Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology, Color Keeper Anti-Fade Protection, Weather Barrier Shield and SPX-2000 UV Blocker. These components work together to combat fade and increase weather resistance.

The Entry Door
The entry door is an amazing place to make a color statement. However, if you buy an exterior replacement door and try to finish it yourself, achieving the flawless finish you’re hoping for is easier said than done. Then there’s the trim, and possibly sidelights and a transom that also need to be painted to match or coordinate with the door color.

From classic hues, such as rustic bronze or forest green, to trending colors like avocado or burnt orange, you can ensure a consistent, beautiful and lasting finish by having your manufacturer paint the door before it leaves the factory floor. Bonus: the color will also be under warranty. Look for a manufacturer that crafts custom doors, allowing you to choose different interior and exterior colors and other specifications tailored to your taste.

To get inspired for your home exterior project, visit provia.com. In addition to photo galleries of finished projects, the site’s home designer tools allow you to visualize how various elements will look on your home.

By selecting professional-quality exterior products, you can ensure long-lasting durability and a big boost in curb appeal.


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