December 8, 2019

A Girl Named Spring


I Saw a Girl Named Spring Today
I saw a girl named Spring today,
As she took the time to dress,
She’s quite the fashionista,
To this I can attest;
She started with a daisy blouse,
Then added a daffodil skirt,
With tulips for her lipstick,
And azalea blush blush to make her pert;
She placed a sprig of forsythia,
Gently through her sunlit hair,
On her ears she hung some buttercups,
Adding a pansy bracelet clasped with care;
Then she stood beside the lilacs,
And absorbed their fragrant scent,
No wonder boys came out to play,
Wherever the Spring girl went!

-written by Margie Rieske from Seekonk MA


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