November 21, 2017



Being the father of twin daughters and Grandfather of two granddaughters to say I was outraged would be putting it mildly after hearing on the news about Emily Nash the junior at Lunenburg High … more
I heard if Hasbro moves into the Superman building that Governor Ramondo is going to replace the independent man on top of the state house with Mr. Potato head. David Di Saia 179 Warren … more
Rhode Islanders have long clamored for better service from the state agencies funded with their tax dollars. The Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles is no exception. This year the Division began … more

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There’s just nothing quite like Thanksgiving weekend: a morning prepping turkey and learning Grandma’s famous roll recipe, parades and football on the TV, dinner that tastes of nostalgia, … more
In November, we travel and we eat. We shop for Christmas gifts, and we eat some more.The best way to enjoy this time of year, and not lose control of your money, is to make a budget for the … more
We love Halloween. What other night can you dress like a hot dog and eat all your favorite childhood sweets without having someone judge you? The problem is, we may love it a little too … more

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