January 24, 2021



There has been much discussion and debate in East Providence over the fate of Metacomet Country Club. You will recall that the facility, which had been under financial duress for years, was sold to a … more
TO: Bob DaSilva, Mayor City of East Providence Community dialogue and analysis shows considerable concern for the plan to demolish the Platt-Watters School complex. A broad spectrum of neighbors, … more
Speeding in the school zones is evident. However, we have noticed that the warning lights at the Kent School location on Pawtucket Ave. are flashing even when school is not in session. As a result, … more

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Last year, I got to go to my sister-in-law’s wedding. At the reception, as people were finishing up their dinner and cake, the DJ got the music going and everyone made their way to the dance … more
January is here, and we all have high hopes for this year—especially after 2020. But here’s the thing about a new year: It’s still the same you. When midnight came on New … more
One time, Mama Hogan looked at me and said, “Christopher”—she had my attention when she said my full name— “I don’t ever want you to be a ‘been’ … more

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